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Coming Out Party

by Rebecca Bendheim & Sarah Rosa Glickman

Coming Out Party

Debuted as #1 New Release LGBTQ+ Poetry on Amazon! 

Words by Rebecca Bendheim

Art by Sarah Rosa Glickman

A memoir of poems and art, Coming Out Party chronicles poet and author Rebecca Bendheim’s queer coming of age journey—from first crushes and toxic homo-erotic friendships, to coming out and secret flings, to finding queer community and falling in love for the first time.

Coming Out Party is a fierce, funny, and deeply personal celebration of the strength it takes to break down the protective walls we’ve built—and embrace our truest selves.


Cover design Andrea Wofford

ISBN: 978-1961853010

“Poignant, painful, joyful… real. This nuanced, yet accessible, collection of poetry is a gift of considerations; a necessity of heart.”

K.A. Holt,
author of Redwood & Ponytail