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Burlwood Kids 🐢

new from typewriter rodeo!

“Should be in every grade 2-6 classroom.”

Jennie Rosenblum, editor & book reviewer

A complete poetry course with easy fill-in-the-blank templates. Great for classrooms and as an independent summer activity.

“Petrie & Hoxworth have created something really special — and needed. The fact that it’s so fun and straightforward makes it a blessing for teachers to use in the classroom or home school environment, but also a perfect summer activity for kids to do on their own. It’s the poetry class kids wish they had!”

Jennifer Ziegler, children’s author

Pet Poems Plus is so conversational — so inviting — that you can’t resist leaping in with your own brave, imaginative, curious ideas and observations! With this workbook (playbook!) Petrie and Hoxworth make the craft of poetry fun and accessible to young and budding poets, and pet lovers of all ages!”

– Liz Garton Scanlon, children’s author & poet